Purchasing & replenishment strategy overview

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to check and adjust the purchasing and replenishment strategy of multiple products? This can be done with the purchasing & replenishment strategy overview. Here you can view the set order and replenishment levels in relation to the current stock level.

This overview can be found at Products > Tools > Purchasing & replenishment strategy

Inkoopstrategie- en aanvuladvies overzicht

Based on the average number of times a product is picked and the purchasing strategy is set, you can see how often you probably have to re-purchase a product.

When you also use bulk locations and replenishment levels for pick locations, you can see how often you are expected to restock your products

With the 'Edit strategy' button you can directly adjust the order and replenishment levels, like in the overview below.

Inkoopstrategie- en aanvuladvies popup

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