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What happens to my suggestions?

We appreciate suggestions and feedback from our users. Many of our improvements are based on suggestions. Thanks to your tips, we know what you think is important.

We do have to admit that we get far more suggestions than we have the capacity to implement. That's ususally the case in software development. We therefore make choices in what we work on at which moment.

This is what we do with suggestions

We keep close track on all suggestions. This way we know exactly what is going on among customers and on what topics we can improve.

We develop new functionalities in periods of 6-8 weeks. For each period we determine one or more themes on which we work, such as "receiving purchases" or "foreign shipments". We go through all suggestions associated with that theme and check which possible improvements will benefit most situations.

When determining these themes, we also look at the themes we recognize in the suggestions made.

If we implement one of your own suggestions, we will notify you personally.

All updates in Picqer will be announced on our blog.

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