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New in Picqer: ABC Analysis

Today we launch something new: the ABC analysis. With the ABC analysis Picqer helps you to efficiently set up your warehouse layout.

ABC Analysis

The ABC analysis looks at which products you pick the most and gives them an A, B or C label. Using these labels you can place products at the right location in your warehouse. This way you save time during picking.

Most frequently picked products

For most webshops, 80% of your pickings are for only 20% of your products. It is therefore important that these products are easily accessible so you don't have to walk as much. That's why we added the ABC analysis to Picqer. This way you can easily see which products you pick most often.

How does it work?

The ABC analysis looks at how often products have been picked in the past 28 days and uses this to label the products:

  • A label: 5% most picked products
  • B label: 15% of the products after
  • C label: the remaining 80%

Every week the ABC analysis is calculated automatically. In several places you can see which label a product has, including on the product page, in the products export and while receiving purchase.

ABC Analysis

ABC warehouse setup

By setting up your warehouse according to the ABC labels, you save time during picking. Put the A products you pick the most in the best locations. This prevents you from having to walk far to pick these products. The B label products you put on easily accessible locations and the C products, which you don't pick often, on the other locations.

Do you want to know more about the ABC analysis? On this support page you find all the details about this new functionality.