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New in Picqer: Locations

Until now you could specify where a product is located in Picqer. But it is also nice to know what product should be be at a certain location and which locations are available to use.

That is why we are launching Locations.

New: Location management in Picqer

Location management

With Locations you can manage all stock locations in your warehouse. This gives you a solid overview of used and available locations in your warehouse. This also makes it easy to view which products should be located in any location.

Picking a location in a purchase order

You can divide locations into different types, so you can quickly find an available location of a certain type. And by creating locations in different levels, you will see locations clearly per row and position as shown above.

Quick linking in purchase orders

You can, as before, link products to a location by editing a product and via the product import. But it is now also possible to link locations directly in a purchase order or while receiving a purchase.

Choosing location in a purchase order

Together with the automatic release of locations when the stock becomes 0, you can easily use locations dynamically. Without it costing you more work.

Create new locations quickly

Expanding the warehouse? With the location wizard you can quickly create new locations. Enter the desired levels and quantities, and Picqer will create all the locations for you.

Creating locations with the wizard

You can then print location labels directly from Picqer so that you can mark each location.

Locations in Picqer Mobile

With Picqer Mobile 1.11 we also support Locations.

This way you can quickly change the location of a product while you are walking between the racks, even while receiving a purchase. You can also scan a location barcode and see details about this location right away.

More information

Read more about Locations on the Locations support page. We also updated the API documentation with all new location features.