How to use locations?

With Locations in Picqer, you can keep track of where products are located in your warehouse. And have overview of what locations are available to use.

One location is one specific spot in yuour warehouse where you can put products. For example a container or a part of a shelf in a rack.


You can create locations in levels that are linked to each other. For example with this location number:

Locatienummer opbouw

You can create location 'A', with underneath location 'A.05', with underneath it 'A.05.12' and so on. Picqer understands which locations belong together and this allows you to create a batch with all picklists within a certain zone or row.

Creating locations

You can create locations per piece or create a whole serie easily via the wizard. It is also possible to import all your locations with Excel.

Locatie aanmaken formulier

With unlink on empty, products linked to this location will be automatically unlinked when its stock reaches 0. This way locations become available again quickly. Next time this product enters the warehouse you can easily choose a new location.

Linking products

You can link 1 or more products per location. If no products are linked to a location, the location is available.

You link a product via the location chooser. You see this when you are editing a product, but also in purchase orders and when receiving purchases.

Locatie koppelen aan product

What is in a location?

At Locations you can always search for a location and see which products are linked to that location.

You will also get a grid on a location page that have 2 levels below it (such as a rack with shelves and containers) that shows in 2D which products are located in which location.

Locaties in een grid

Stock per warehouse

The stock of products is stored per warehouse. If a product has assigned multiple locations in one warehouse, the listed inventory is the total number at all locations. At this moment you can not keep track of stock per location.

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