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New in Picqer: Packing stations

On the 28th of February we introduce Packing stations. With this we make it easy to select the right printer for the packing station you are working at.

For each packing station you select which printer you want to use for packing slips, shippping lables and product lables. Because of this you only have to find the right printer once and is switching packing stations very easy.

Switching packing stations

Each user, administrator or not, is able to easily switch from packing station. You do this by clicking on your name in the top right and select your packing station.

selecting packing station

Setting up Packing stations

We have converted your existing printing configuration to packing stations. This you will find under Instellingen > Printers.

If you have more packing stations in use, you can add them yourself.

adding packing station

Live on the 28th of February

By now we have converted all configurations to packing stations. You can now choose packing stations and add new packing stations.

Documentation about packing stations you can find on this support page.