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International shipping with Sendcloud

Good news for users who send packages with Sendcloud. We have expanded our Sendcloud integration with international shipping. This makes sending packages to a foreign country as easy as pie.

International shipment with sendcloud

For shipments outside of the EU customs union you need to provide extensive product information and add special customs documents to the parcel. We automatically give this product information to Sendcloud when you create a shipment for a country outside of the EU customs union.

Shipping documents

For international shipments you won't receive an A6 shipping label, but multiple customs forms. These you need to attach visibly to the outside of your parcel. Sendcloud generates these documents for you and Picqer automatically prints them.

Product information

For international shipments, extra product information is required such as weight, HS code and country of origin. Read all the needed preparation on our page about international shipping.

International shipping with Sendcloud is now available for all Sendcloud users.