International shipping

When shipping packages inside of the European customs union no information about the content of the shipment is required. But when you send a package to countries outside of the European customs union you need to hand over extensive information about the content of the package to the carrier and customs.

For some carries Picqer can automatically supply this customs information when creating a shipment. Instead of an A6 shipping label, you get a few A4 shipping documents that you need to attach to the package. This information will also be send digitally to customs of the outbound and inbound country.

Supported carriers


This is what you need when you make a shipment to countries outside of the EU customs union.

  • Working integration with one of the carries of which we support international shipping.
  • All products you send to outside the EU customs union must be provided with weight, a HS Code and a country of origin
  • At Printers you need to have an A4 printer set up for shipping documents, this printer will print the customs papers

Required documents

International shipping documents

For normal shipments inside of the Netherlands and EU region, an A6 label will be printed. For international shipping you need more documents.

You need multiple A4 documents which you need to attach to the outside of your package. For example a transparent envelope. These documents are both the shipping label as the documents for customs. There are often 2 to 3 documents per shipment.

Ensure that the CN23 form is visible from the outside of the transparant envelope.

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