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Integration with Shippo

With the new Shippo integration in Picqer, we give you access to all major international shipping carriers. Just with your own carrier contract.

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About Shippo

Shippo is a shipping technology platform that connects with over 20 major American and global shipping carriers. You can use your own negotiated contracts or use Shippo's discounts for USPS and more. Shippo is founded by two Germans, and are now based in San Francisco.

Connecting Shippo

Shippo is available for all Picqer users as a Shipping Provider. Our Support Center guides you through the Shippo setup process. You can use Shippo next to your current shipping methods.

Shippo costs 5 cents per shipping label created - there are no setup or subscription fees.

Sign up today to ship natively with Shippo, or contact the Shippo team to learn more.