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Shopware 6 integration in beta

Today we launch our Shopware 6 integration.

Last year, we launched our Shopware 5 integration which many customers now use today. Version 6 is the logical choice for new webshops now that Shopware 6 is maturing.

Use Picqer for your Shopware shop

Integrate Picqer to Shopware 6

You integrate your Shopware 6 shop easily with Picqer. Read our Shopware 6 support page for step by step instructions on how you integrate Picqer with Shopware.

In beta

In Shopware 6 we support the same functionalities as in Shopware 5. Because we have not yet imported orders in practice for all situations, we are launching the integration as beta. During this beta, we keep a close eye on new webshops for unexpected situations.