Integrate Shopware 6 to Picqer

You easily integrate your Shopware 6 webshop with Picqer within 2 minutes.

Shopware Access key ID and Secret access key

Log in to your Shopware 6 Admin.

Go to Settings > System > Integrations.

Add an integration.

Give the integration a name and add the permission for 'Write'. Copy the Access key ID and Secret Access Key.

Picqer Settings

In Picqer navigate to Settings > Integrations > New integration > Shopware 6.

Picqer asks for the URL of your Shopware shop when integrating. You will find this in the address bar of your browser when you open the shop.

Insert the Access key ID and the Secret Access Key.

Set other settings of your webshop such as synchronization and order options.

Save the integration.

The integration is now complete and new Shopware orders will automatically arrive in Picqer.

Importing products

Choose at the webshop integration for 'Import products' to import products. Depending on the number of products in your webshop, this may take several hours to complete. This happens in the background in Picqer. So you don't have to stay on this page.

We import the following properties per product:

  • Product code
  • Name
  • Barcode
  • Cost price
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Dimentions
  • Supplier
  • Product code supplier

We also import:

  • Current stock: If import stock mode is enabled in the webshop settings in Picqer.
  • Images: In the same order as they appear in Shopware.


In Shopware 6 it is possible to generate variants based on a product.

A product with variants is imported in Picqer differently than normal products. We only import the variants of the product and not the main product.

Variants of a product use the properties of the main product. We adopt the properties of a variant where possible, otherwise the properties of the main product are used.

Importing Orders

Picqer imports new orders from your Shopware 6 shop every 15 minutes. It is not yet possible to receive orders in real time.

Before importing orders from Shopware 6 you can set wether you wish import orders or not.

Under 'expected orders' we expect an order of order status 'Open' or 'In progress' and a payment status of 'Open'. An order is no longer expected if the payment status has changed to 'Paid'.

Virtual products

We do not currently support virtual products in Shopware 6.

Ignored products

Ignored products are removed from an order when it is imported into Picqer. The products are visible when ordering in the webshop itself. If an order consists only of ignored products, the order will be skipped. You can see this at Order status.


We currently do not support discounts in Shopware 6.


A shipment is created in the shop as soon as the picklist is completed in Picqer. The following data is returned to Shopware 6:

  • Track & Trace code

If the entire order has not yet been completed, we change the status of the order in Shopware to 'Shipped (partially)'. When the entire order is completed, we change the status of the order in Shopware to 'Shipped'.

Stock changes

Every inventory change in Picqer is processed in the shop almost in real time. In addition, Picqer checks all products every night. Where necessary, the stock is corrected.

Importing orders in real-time

To import orders in real-time we have developed the Picqer Shopware 6 plugin.

Read more on how you can install the Shopware 6 plugin.

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