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New: Stock per location

The 5th edition of the Picqer Meet & Grill took place in September, this year completely online. Did you miss it? Watch it on Youtube.

Another successful one if you ask us, where we looked back on the past 12 months, enjoyed some snacks and answered your questions during meet the team.

We also launched something new: Stock per location.

Stock per location

Registering stock per location was the most requested suggestion for years. We're proud to launch it.

Of course it works in the Picqer way: easy to use, super powerful in complex situations, and you can easily start using it.

How it works

Until now you could link multiple locations to a product in Picqer, but 1 total stock was kept. With stock per location you can now keep track of the exact stock per product per location.

Do you have stock on multiple locations? Then you see this on the product page:

stock per location

Specific location on picklists

There is a big advantage of stock per location: You only see 1 location on the picklist to pick the products from. Even if the product has multiple stock locations. Picqer reserves the stock on a specific location for your picklist. This way your order pickers don't have to search on which location the product is sufficiently in stock.

If there's no location with sufficient stock, Picqer will show you multiple locations and the amount you need to pick per location.

Bulk locations

We also introduce bulk locations. This allows you to split your stock between picking stock and bulk stock, so you will only be sent to pick locations for picklists. With the restocking advice you make sure your picking stock is always on the right level.

Rolling out in the coming weeks

We will roll out this functionality for all accounts in the coming weeks. Every day some accounts will be converted. We'll let you know through the dashboard and by email when we're converting your account.

Want to know more about stock by location? On these help pages you'll find all the details about the new functionality.