Partners & integrations

Our view on partners & integrations

Our main focus at Picqer is: making warehouses for webshops as efficient as possible. We do this by developing the best software for the entire warehouse. And by making sure our software works effectively with other solutions and software. That's why we make integrations with other software accessible, simple and flexible.

On this page you can read how we work together with partners, how integrations are created and what support you can expect as a partner.

How do we work with partners?

We collaborate with other parties focused on functionality. The collaboration must be valuable for the users of our software. We do this in 3 ways:

  1. Core Integrations: integrations we develop and maintain ourselves
  2. Partner Integrations: integrations with Picqer developed by partners through our open API. These integrations focus on large groups of users.
  3. Custom Partners: software developers and e-commerce experts that develop integrations with Picqer either for themselves or for just a small number of users

1. Core Integrations

We initiate the development of core integrations ourselves. We develop these integrations independently. These integrations are important for the core processes of our software. We get in contact if we need any support developing these integrations.

All core integrations are listed on our integration page marked "Integration by Picqer”. When we launch a new core integration, we promote it independently on our blog, our social channels and in our newsletter. At times we might seek assistance to make sure we share the right information.

2. Partner Integrations

If you run standard software you would like to integrate with Picqer, you are welcome to make an integration via our API. All the information within Picqer is accessible through the API and most actions can be automated. This way you can seamlessly integrate information and processes between Picqer and your software.

Software such as for purchasing, returns or customer service can be integrated. You can even connect picking robots or packing machines through the API.

The public API documentation can be found here.

Parcel service integrations

In Picqer, users can automatically create shipping labels. As a partner, you can create a parcel service integration that works similarly to a core integration. After approval (see requirements), it will be shown directly in Picqer as a standard integration.

The technical details and functional requirements for parcel service integrations can be found in our API documentation.

What do we offer if you integrate via our API?

Picqer users can create their own API keys and provide them to partners. Therefore, you can develop integrations through the API completely autonomously. We value great integrations enormously. That’s why we provide full support and are happy to contribute our ideas. You’ll receive a free developer account and unlimited support.

Developer account

Create your own account. Share the subdomain of your account with our support. Then, we convert your account to a free developer account. We can activate the fulfillment version as well (see also the separate Fulfilment API) and import test data. This is possible per fulfillment customer as well.


We give support in developing and maintaining integrations via We are happy to contribute our ideas. You can share your questions about partnerships and other collaborations via e-mail as well. Our partner manager will contact you to further explore the possibilities.


We value knowing what integrations have been developed. We use this to help our users find the best solutions. Please inform us of any new integration. Share a brief description or product sheet of the integration along with your contact information via We will share this information with our sales and support teams.

3. Customization partners

We don’t create custom integrations ourselves. We focus our time on making Picqer a better product as a whole. Some users do need custom integrations. From connecting a picking robot, to automatically printing a return form when packing an order.

Picqer users can use any developer used to working with APIs to create custom integrations. If you’re a developer who regularly creates custom integrations for Picqer users, we will refer to you as a customization partner.

Anyone working with our API gets the support they need, including a free developer account and timely answers to all your questions.

Have you made several successful integrations with Picqer and can you take on new customers? Then we can also list you on our Dutch partner page.

Promoting our partners

We focus our marketing on providing content that helps our users. We provide assistance in promoting your integration to our Dutch users so they are able to discover new valuable integrations.

Kickback Fees

To ensure our partnerships are always content and user-focused, we do not use kickback-fees. We do not share kickback-fees and we do not require to receive them.

Partner listings on our website

Our integrations page (NL) showcases the integrations with Picqer. This includes integrations created by our partners.

Before we list a new integration, we want to make sure the integration works properly and requires minimal resources from our support team. That is why we require you to take care of the first 5 installations of your integration. This way we can evaluate if the integration is working properly - and straightforwardly.

Once you have 5 active integrations running smoothly we will assist you to publicly launch the integration, including the listing on our website. Contact us when you get to this point. Then we'll coordinate further what we need from each other to launch the integration publicly.