How to setup B2C Europe integration?

Picqer seamlessly integrates with B2C Europe, previously known as ABC Mail. This way, you can use Picqer to directly create shipping labels of B2C Europe, without retyping any adress details.

B2C Europe login details may be requested at your accountmanager. Moreover, all your B2C Europe applications should be activated for use via API.

Create shipping provider B2C Europe

At the left bottom of your screen click 'Settings', and choose 'Shipping providers'. Next, click '+ New shipping provider', add a name for this connection and choose 'B2C Europe'. Thereafter click 'Save'.

B2C Europe integration

Set up login information

In the next screen, add an 'Userid' and 'Password', also add a name for your shipment provider. Then, click 'Save'.

Add shipping profile

In the third screen of Picqer you can insert your Profile name. Your shipment will appear like this in Picqer. Subsequently, you can add address details and the preferred shipment method.

B2C Europe added

As soon as your profile is added, you will get an overview of the shipment provider. The B2C connection is now added. If you wanna add mutiple shipping profiles, you can click 'Add shipping profile'.

Collect Your Parcel

Picer also supports B2C's Collect Your Parcel. Read how to set up CYP.

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