Whenever a new order is created, Picqer will automatically check if all products are in stock and a picklist can be created. If one of the items of an order is not in stock, and/or partial delivery is not allowed, Picqer will create a backorder. You can find all backorders at the left hand side under the tab ‘Backorders’. When you click on an order number, you will see an overview of this backorder.

The overview of backorders enables you to export all backorders to an Excel file, by pressing the button ‘Export backorders’. Beside, you can process all backorders by pressing the ‘Process backorders’ button. Furthermore, you can select between the filter ‘available’ and ‘unavailable’ backorders, or display all backorders in one single overview.


Backorders are order lines that cannot be picked yet because of the stock levels. If the stock is insufficient, the order will remain in the backorder. In order to process the backorder, you need to create a purchase order at a supplier.

Process backorders

When backorders are available in the warehouse, you can process the backorders, by clicking Process backorders and generate a picklist. Picqer will not automatically convert backorders to picklists, you can choose manually when Picqer will generate picklists for available backorders.

Cancel backorder

It is possible to cancel a backorder. Whenever you click on one of the backorders in your overview, you can select ‘Cancel backorder’. The backorder is now cancelled, and will not be processed anymore. If you want to look up this backorder, you can simply go to the tab ‘Orders’ at the left hand side and search for the order number.

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