When does Picqer convert a backorder to a picklist?

Backorders are created whenever one of the items of an order is not in stock, and/or partial delivery is not allowed. Product back in stock? In this case Picqer is able to convert the backorder into a picklist, so the order can be picked.

When backorders are available in the warehouse, backorders will not automatically be converted to picklists. For example, this might not be convenient between two deliveries. Therefore, you can choose manually when Picqer will generate picklists for available backorders.

Convert backorders into picklists in one go

You will find the backorders at the left side under ‘Backorders’. Next you will see an overview of all backorders. Whenever you click on ‘Processs backorders’, Picqer will generate picklists for all backorders, of which the products are in stock. This way, one single picklist is generated per order.

Create picklist for one single order (backorder)

It is also possible to convert only one single backorder into a picklist. Whene backorders are available in the warehouse, Picqer can create one single picklist, containing all the products of that specific backorder. Backorders from different orders are left alone.

As marked with the green arrow, the product in the backorder is back in stock again (green color of the backorder). When you click ‘Create picklist’, Picqer will create a picklist for 1 piece of ‘HP Camera Calculator Watch L’ and the backorder will be closed.

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