Containers are a kind of Locations. You can place stock on it and it has a stock history. You can use containers to move stock within your warehouse, from one location to another location.

A "container" can be anything you use to move inventory. For example, a shopping cart, a plastic crate or a pallet. We call that a container. Each container has a unique, ascending number and a barcode to easily move inventory into that container.

Video explanation

Creating containers

Create your first containers at Containers. You choose how many containers you want to create and Picqer numbers them automatically.

Then you will see the list of containers that have been created. If you click on 'Print labels' at the top right to print labels with a barcode to place on these containers.

Using containers

You can use a container to move inventory to and from. Go to a product with stock, click on 'Move' and when the transfer screen is open, scan the code of the container. Now the container is selected as the 'to' location.

If you scan the container from anywhere in Picqer, you will immediately see which products are in that container. You can easily move them from there to other locations.

A container can hold as many products as you want.

Support for containers

Containers are new. We currently support the following:

  • Manually move inventory to and from containers
  • In replenish advice
  • In Returns

Step by step we are adding more support for containers. Ultimately you can do all internal movements with containers. The next place we will support it will be Receipts.

Containers works in the web browser on the computer and in the mobile app. (Containers are not supported in the Classic app.)

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