How do partial deliveries work?

Picqer supports partial deliveries as well as complete deliveries of orders. But how does it work?

Partial delivery is a way to allow or prevent a order from being delivered partially. If there is insufficient stock to deliver the full order, products from your order may be delivered separately. A picklist is created for products in stock. Therefor, with partial delivery multiple picklists may be created.

When partial delivery is not allowed and one of the products of the order has not enough stock, the order is processed when the product(s) are back in stock. Backorders will be created when an order is closed and the product is not in stock.

Let's have a look with an example. Suppose you have the following order:

  • Product A: 4 items (stock: 6 items)
  • Product B: 6 items (stock: 3 items)
  • Product C: 1 item (stock: 0 items)

Partial delivery

For this example order, when 'AutoSplit' is activated, Picqer will create a picklist with 4x Product A en 3x Product B. Picqer will create a backorder for 1x Product C en 3x Product B.

When backorders are available in the warehouse, backorders will not automatically be converted to picklists. When the quantity in stock of Product B increases with 2, Picqer can create a new picklist for 2x Product B. At that moment, 2 picklists are created, while 1x Product B as well as 1x product C remain in backorder.

As you can see, one single order contains several picklists/shipments. This will increase your handlings costs as well as the shipping costs. However, this might be necessary or desirable when restocking is not available for a longer period of time.

Partial delivery is not available for virtual assembled products.

Complete delivery of orders

In the example above, if 'AutoSplit' is not activated, Picqer will not create a picklist if there is insufficient stock to deliver the full order. All order lines, including Product A and B, are defined as backorder.

This way, you can save on your handlings costs and reduce shipping costs. Useful when you work with small orders and margins and suppliers deliver regularly.

Reservation of backorders

Products in backorder, but (partially) available in stock, are reserved. This ensures, when AutoSplit is not activated and not all products are in stock, available products for this order are reserved. This way, other orders cannot use these products.

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