PostNL pickup points in Belgium

For integration with PostNL and MyParcel we support "Pickup at PostNL" in Belgium.

The possibilities for PostNL and MyParcel are different per webshop. We will walk you through every situation.

When Picqer received information about the chosen pickup point of the shop, Picqer will automatically create a correct shipping label.

Combinations that are not listed here, are not supported.

Magento 2

PostNL does not have support for Belgian pickup points in Magento 2.

For MyParcel you integrate it in the same way as pickup points in the Netherlands. Next you choose in Magento Admin for Stores > Configuration > MyParcel > Checkout settings, here you activate your pickup at a Belgium pickup point.

MyParcel + Magento 2 is currently in trial available and will be released soon.


PostNL has no support for WooCommerce.

For MyParcel you integrate in the same way as pickup points in the Netherlands. Activate in settings the pickup points for Belgium.


Lightspeed has no support for foreign pickup points.

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