Register receipt on location

Stock per location is a new functionality that is rolled out in steps. You may not have access to this functionality yet.

Register receipt on location

When you register a receipt, you can choose at which stock location the product should be added. You can choose one of the linked locations or link a new location and select it.

You can select one location during the booking process. If you want to divide the products over different locations, you can move them after the stock has been booked.

register receipt on location

If the pick locations of a product are maximally restocked, Picqer will automatically select any bulk location.

You can also choose to first register all products on "No specific location" during reception, and then easily move the products during or after restocking to the location where you have restocked the products.

register receipt on no specific location

This way you prevent that the stock in Picqer is already registered at the location, while it is not physically present yet.


With the help of the putawaylist you can easily restock the products at the right location. Would you like to restock the products at a different location than they are booked in? Then you can write that down on the putawaylist and then move the products in Picqer.

putawaylist register receipt

Moving stock after booking

You can divide the booked stock over different locations by moving the stock at a registered receipt. This can be useful, for example, when the stock does not fit in one location.

Also, if you have chosen to register all products on "No specific location" first, you can move the stock to the right specific location in this screen.

moving stock in register receipt

It is also possible in the Picqer app to register stock on location and move it at receipts.

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