Registering receipts

When you receive a purchase order from a supplier, you register the receipt in Picqer. This way you check the receipt and add stock to Picqer. You can register a receipt in Picqer in a number of ways. In this help article we explain them all.

Registering receipts

If you receive a purchase order, you can register a receipt on the page of the purchase order with the "Register receipt" button. This button is visible in the "Purchased" status.

Create a receipt for a purchase order

Scan products

We create a receipt with all products that are on the purchase order. You register products by scanning them or manually changing the received number.

A receipt for a purchase order

Add to stock

Progress is saved while registering a receipt. This makes it possible to continue with a receipt at any time. An overview of all receipts is on Purchasing > Receipts

Overview of all receipts

This gives you the freedom to add products to your stock at a later time. For instance, you put everything in its stock location before adjusting the stock and processing backorders.

Adding extra products

It is also possible to receive products that are not originally on the purchase order. If you scan the product, you will be notified that the product is not on the purchase order and asks whether you want to add the product. If you do, the product will be added to the receipt and purchase order.

If the product is added to the purchase order by a receipt, a plus symbol is added to the row.

Indication at product that the product has been added by a receipt

Product without barcode?

Want to add a product without scanning the barcode? Search for the product with the "Add product" button and add the product to the receipt. If the product is not on the purchase order, the product is added.

Add products to the receipt with the add product button

Register receipt for a supplier

Does your supplier deliver multiple purchase orders in the same shipment? Then create a receipt for a supplier! You can do this via Purchasing > Receipts > New receipt.

Create a receipt for a supplier

An empty receipt is created for the supplier. Add products to the receipt by scanning the products or adding them manually.

A receipt for a supplier

Which purchase order is chosen?

When you add a product, Picqer looks for previous purchase orders for this product. The product is received for the oldest purchase order. Do you want to receive the product on a different purchase order? Then you can choose another purchase order in the dropdown menu.

Select for which purchase order you want to receive the product

Do you receive more products than you have ordered in the selected purchase order? Then Picqer automatically switches to the next purchase order. Picqer will do this until you have received all the ordered products.

Non-purchased products

If you receive a product that has not been purchased, Picqer will create a new purchase order. This new purchase order will indicate that it was made upon receipt. This makes extra products easy to find.

Working together on the same receipt

With Picqer you can work on the same receipt with multiple users. Even on different devices at the same time, for instance 2 people with an iPod and 3 other people from the web browser. When a product is scanned, every device that is working on that receipt gets the update at the same time.

This way you will receive a large purchase order super fast.

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