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Magento 2 plugin

When you receive an order in your webshop you want it imported in Picqer as quickly as possible. With Magento 2 new orders were imported with a maximum delay of 15 minutes. Now with the new Picqer plugin for Magento 2 you'll receive orders in realtime in your Picqer account.

New: Magento 2 plugin

Why a plugin?

We usually use webhooks when integrate webshops. The webshop will then give us a notification when a new order is placed. Unfortunately, Magento does not have support for this. That is why we already had a plugin for Magento 1 and now also developed one for Magento 2.

With the launch of the Magento 2 plugin we again support realtime receiving of orders for all connected webshops.

Plugin install

On this help page we explain how you can install the Magento 2 plugin. You may need the help of your webbuilder.