A composite product consists of several products or parts. Think of a camera body and a lens. Both can be sold separately, but also as a kit. We call such a kit of body and lens a composite product.

Which variations are there?

Virtual composition

With a virtual composition, the products are located at different locations in the warehouse. At the packing table you put the parts together to send it to the customer as one product.

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Composition with own stock

With this composition you produce the product in advance. So it is already ready-to-use on location in the warehouse. You run production to keep stock levels up.

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Useful information

  • A composite product gets its own product code. Picqer sees this as a separate product.
  • If one or more of the parts are not available, the whole assembly will not be shipped.
  • You can only remove composite products if they haven't been ordered. If that is the case, you can only make the product inactive.
  • You can only change the product type if there is no stock. There can also be no back orders, open purchase orders or open pick lists.

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