How to create and send invoices?

Picqer itself cannot create and send invoices. At Picqer, we focus on everything in your warehouse.

For creating invoices of shipped orders, we have integrations with different accounting software. Currently, Picqer has integrations with:

Picqer can interface with several systems, so you can choose the system that suits you best and we can fully concentrate on improving Picqer.


To create an interface with an external package (for e-mail, see below), you need an account/subscription with the relevant party. You can add an invoice provider in Picqer at the bottom left via ‘Settings’ and then ‘Invoice providers’.

For each Picqer account, you can add several invoice providers and also add the same provider several times. You can decide per order and picklist which invoice provider you want to use to create an invoice.


The ‘email’ method only sends an email to a set email address, which contains all data about the pick list. This can be used as a reminder for the customer to create an invoice. It can also be used to automate invoicing, by reading the mails in the mailbox and linking them to a script.

Create invoices

As soon as you have created one or more invoice providers, you receive a ‘Create Invoice’ button at your pick lists. Then you can choose which provider and with which profile you want to invoice. As soon as you click on ’Save’, the invoice will be created immediately in the linked package and can be sent.

If you have not connected an invoice provider yet, you will get a message when you press this button: ‘You have not set up any invoice providers yet. Set up your first invoice provider’. By clicking (at the bottom of this message) on ‘Configure invoice provider’, you will be directed to the page where you can connect an invoice provider in Picqer.

New invoice providers

Are you using another package and would you like to connect it to Picqer? Please let us know. The invoice package must be running online and have a modern API to connect. We add new providers as soon as there is enough demand among Picqer users.

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