Fulfillment portal

With the fulfillment portal you give your fulfillment customers real-time information and control over all products and orders that you manage and process for these customers.


The fulfillment portal can be accessed at subdomain.picqer.com/fulfilmentportal, replacing 'subdomain' with the subdomain of your account.

To log in to the fulfillment portal, your client needs login details. You can create these login details in Picqer, or automatically via the API.

Login details

When creating and editing a fulfillment client in Picqer you can provide login details with which the customer can log in.

Fulfilment account aanmaken Create fulfillment account

Under 'Access to portal', choose Yes, pick a username and password and click Save. The customer can log in directly to the client portal with this data.

The option 'Access to product management' gives the client the possibility to manage products, see below for more information.

Edit account settings

Fulfillment customers can edit the details and settings of their account. This can be done by clicking on 'Settings' at the top right of the page. The fulfillment customer can, for example, edit the username, password and email address for email notifications.

Edit account settings Edit account settings

What can your customer see?

Logged in fulfillment customers can basically see all products, stock, orders, purchases and returns that are linked to them. This is regardless of how and by whom this data has been added to Picqer.

Dit is what the portal shows:


A customer can see all products associated to them. They see the product code, name, barcode, current stock and stock value of each product. They also see all added images.

Product pagina Product page

Stock + history

In the portal, they see the stock of all their products, including the full stock history. This way they can see exactly how the current stock has come about.

Voorraadgeschiedenis Stock history


All orders for this fulfillment customer can be seen in the portal. Both orders that have been added via the portal - which have been added manually - and orders that have been submitted via webshop links and the API.

Bestelling details Bestelling details


All picklists that you have processed are shown in the fulfillment portal as "shipments". For each shipment, the customer sees which products are delivered and information about the carrier and tracking code of the shipment


In the portal, all backorders are visible to the customer. In this way, the customer can see for himself which products must be delivered in order to be able to deliver backorders.

Purchase orders

All purchase orders of this fulfillment customer can be seen in the portal: orders created via the portal, those created by the fulfillment company, as well as purchases registered via the API.


For returns, all products, replacement products and all status updates can be seen.


In the portal you can see all linked webshops and all orders that we have seen from that webshop. Extensive webshop tests can also be performed via the portal, so that the customer can test the connection to the webshop himself.

Webshop details Webshop details

What can your customer add or change?

The customer can adjust the following components independently via the portal.


New products can be added via the customer portal. Only a product code, name, barcode and price can be entered. The product code cannot be changed by the customer, the other fields can be changed by the customer.

This is only possible if the customer has "Access to product management" set to "Yes". Without that option, the customer can only view products.

Add product Add products


Customers can create new orders themselves in the customer portal. Products can be added individually, or imported via an Excel file (with a column for product code and quantity).

After orders have been created, only the address can be changed or the entire order can be canceled. Cancellation is only possible if the order has not yet been picked.

Orders can be duplicated to a new order.

Create order Create an order

Purchase orders

Purchase orders can be added to the portal. This is so that you as a fulfillment company can see which deliveries you can expect.

The products and the quantities on a purchase order can also be changed as long as no receipts have been registered yet. A purchase order can also be canceled via the portal.

Address book

Each fulfillment customer has their own address book in the portal. When making an order, that address can be saved in the address book, so that the customer can be selected from the address book next time. The addresses in the address book are only accessible via the portal.

Read more about the address book

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