Installing PrintNode

For automatic printing we use a programm that you install on a Windows or Mac computer in your warehouse. The programm we use for this is called PrintNode.

After installation you can set up printers and packing stations.

On which computer should I install PrintNode?

You install PrintNode on the computer that can print on the desired printers. When you use a USB printer that is connected to the computer of the packing table, then you'll install PrintNode on this computer.

You can install PrintNode on multiple computers at the same time, you can use all printers of these computers in Picqer.

Request an account

Pay attention: because the use of PrintNode is included in your Picqer subscription. You can create an account inside Picqer, go to Settings > Printers. You don't have to register at PrintNode yourself.

Installing PrintNode

Request your PrintNode account through

Download PrintNode on the computer where your printers are connected to. There you choose PrintNode for Windows or Mac.

The next steps describe the installation of PrintNode on Windows 10.

Open the downloaded file. You'll see the following pop-up:

PrintNode step 1

Click on Yes

The next steps you can click through with de default set-up.

PrintNode step 2

PrintNode step 3

PrintNode step 4

Pay attention: At the schreen below don't activate the Windows Service. In there you can't select the right options for shipping labels.

PrintNode step 5

PrintNode step 6

PrintNode step 7

PrintNode is now installed successfully.

After clicking 'Finish', PrintNode will start itself. Here you get asked for your e-mail and password. These are the credentials you received from us.

PrintNode step 8

When you are logged in correctly, PrintNode will dissapear to the background.

In Windows, you can see in the right bottom corner (where you can see the time) that PrintNode is running. It's often hidden behind the upward arrow.

PrintNode step 9

To open PrintNode, click on the upward arrow. You will now see the orange circle of PrintNode. Click with the right mouse on the PrintNode icon and choose for Open PrintNode.

Now this screen where you can view the status of PrintNode on this computers appears. Here you can also see by which name this computers is known to PrintNode.

PrintNode step 10

Using printers

Now PrintNode is installed, you can install printers and packing stations in Picqer.

Zebra printers

Do you use Zebra printers with Picqer? Install these printers using this step-by-step plan.

The paper set-up of Zebra are quite precise. When you don't use this step-by-step plan, your labels can turn out with a too bad quality to be processed by shipment companies.

Does printing take long?

Usually a print job will be passed to your computer/printer within one second. How fast the document will come out of the printer depends on the speed of the computer and printer.

Does printing always take longer than 10 secondes? Then something else might be wrong. Contact us so we can help locate the cause.

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