Frequently asked questions about Shopware

How do I connect Shopware to Picqer?

You connect your Shopware shop within 2 minutes to Picqer. See our step by step explaination to connect Shopware.

Which versions of Shopware are supported?

Picqer connects with Shopware version 5 and 6. The Shopware Plugin is suitable for Shopware 5.

Shopware 6 is not supported at this moment.

Which products does Picqer import?

Picqer imports products from Shopware that have an article number (Picqer pairs this to the product code of Picqer) and that are of the type "product" or "premium product". Picqer does not import vouchers, rebats or discount products.

Which product fields does Picqer import?

Picqer imports the following fields from Shopware to Picqer:

  • Article codes as product code
  • Product name
  • EAN as bar code
  • Supplier number as product code supplier
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Supplier based on the name

Picqer also imports images and the current stock as starting stock in Shopware.

When will an order be imported?

Picqer imports orders from Shopware when they have the status open (id: 0) or process (id: 1).

Is an order not yet paid? Then Picqer will import the order as Awaiting. When the order is paid in the web shop, the order will be changed in Picqer to Processing.

Picqer sees an order as paid when the payment status in Shopware is one of the following:

  • Completely paid (id: 12)
  • Completely invoiced (id: 10)
  • The credit has been accepted (id: 32)
  • The credit has been preliminarily accepted (id: 31)
  • The payment has been ordered (id: 33)

Or when the name of the payment method ( is equal to:

  • invoice
  • cash

When an order is already (partly) shipped through Shopware, the order will not be imported into Picqer.

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