Integrating Shopware to Picqer

You easily connect your Shopware 5 shop within 2 minutes to Picqer.

Wat does the integration do?

  • New orders from Shopware are imported into Picqer every 15 minutes. For real-time synchronization, install the Shopware plugin
  • Stock changes in Picqer are updated in Shopware
  • Shopware products are imported into Picqer, including photos and current stock

Shopware API key

Log in into your Shopware Admin environment

Go to Configuration > User administration en select your account.

Allow API access and copy the API Key. You need this API key to connect Picqer to Shopware.

Picqer configuration

In Picqer, go to Settings > Integrations and click on New integration.

Here you see all integrations of Picqer. Click in the Shopware block on 'Connect'. Here you immediately start a new Shopware integration.

Picqer now asks for the URL of your Shopware shop. You find this in the address bar of your browser when you open the shop.

Insert your user name and API Key to connect your webshop.

Configurate other settings such as synchronisation, connected fields and order options.

Save the integration.

The integration is now complete and new orders from Shopware now automatically load into Picqer.

Importing orders in real-time

Most webshop integrations offer the use of webhooks. The webshop then gives Picqer a notification whenever there is a new order. Shopware does not support this. To get orders in real-time into Picqer, we developed the Picqer Shopware plugin. With this plugin, Picqer will receive orders in real-time.

Read here how you install the Shopware plugin.

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