Picqer subscription

As an administrator you can see all details of the subscription in your Picqer account. To view this, go to Settings > Subscription.

Here you can see what your current subscription is, the start and end dates of your period and the number of orders in this period. This is also the place where you transfer to a higher or lower subscription.

Upgrade and downgrade your subscription yourself

As an administrator, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. This way you have maximum control over your subscription. An upgrade takes effect immediately and starts in the current period. A downgrade or cancellation will take effect on the first day of the new subscription period.

Picqer gives advice based on the number of expected orders. It's your own responsibility to change your subscription.

All administrators will receive a confirmation of the changes by email


Our subscriptions are based on the number of orders you process in Picqer per month. Each subscription includes a fixed number of orders. If you go above that, you pay a small amount per extra order after the period has ended.

There is always a certain tipping point between two packages. A specific number of orders above which it becomes cheaper to upgrade.

It depends on the status of the order whether it counts for your subscription. The following statuses are included in the calculation: concept, expected, processing and completed.

You can find more about the rates of the different subscriptions on our pricing page.


You pay for your subscription by direct debit or credit card. We send our invoice monthly by e-mail. Do you want to view or change data? Below you can read how to do that:

  • You can find your invoices at Your Subscription
  • You can change your payment method at Payment method
  • Adjust the email address where you receive your monthly invoice with your Company details
  • Cancel

    You can always and easily cancel your subscription with effect from the next period. Read here everything you need to know about canceling your Picqer subscription.

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