Start with Picqer Mobile

Do you want to start a paperless picking process? The Picqer Mobile app makes this possible. The Picqer mobile app can be downloaded for iPhone and iPod touch via the iOS App Store. Search the App Store 'Picqer' or go directly to the Picqer app.


Install Picqer Mobile on your iPhone or iPod touch to use in your warehouse.

Picqer Mobile App Store


Once you open the app for the first time, you will see the following screen.

Picqer Mobile login pagina

To log in to Picqer, enter the first part of the domain you use in the 'subdomain' field. So if your URL is “", enter "myshop" here.

Then enter your username and password and click on login. You will arrive at the dashboard.


At the dashboard you see an overview of open pick lists and purchase orders.

Picqer Mobile dashboard pagina

At the bottom you see the main navigation with which you can navigate to picklists, products and purchases.

Behind the heading 'More' you will find the locations and settings.

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