Picklist batches

Multiple picklists can be collected in a single run through the warehouse with picklist batches.


Name Type Description
idpicklist_batch integer Unique Picqer reference
picklist_batchid string Per-account batch ID
idwarehouse integer Linked to resource Warehouse
type string Type of batch: "singles" or "normal"
status string "open" or "completed"
assigned_to array Data of the assigned user (iduser, full_name, username)
completed_by array Data of the user that completed the batch (iduser, full_name, username)
total_products integer Total amount of products in the batch
total_picklists integer Amount of picklists in the batch
completed_at datetime Date and time from when the batch became completed
created_at datetime Date and time from when the batch was created
updated_at datetime Date and time from when the batch was last updated

Get all picklist batches

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/picklists/batches
HTTP/1.1 200 OK [ { "idpicklist_batch": 3, "idwarehouse": 1, "picklist_batchid": 3, "type": "singles", "status": "open", "assigned_to": { "iduser": 2, "full_name": "Casper Bakker", "username": "casper" }, "completed_by": null, "total_products": 31, "total_picklists": 25, "completed_at": null, "created_at": "2020-03-18 12:21:25", "updated_at": "2020-03-18 12:21:25" } ]
This endpoint uses pagination.


You can filter the picklists with the following parameters. Add these filters as querystring parameters to the URL.

Attribute Description Example
idwarehouse Get batches after this idwarehouse
assigned_to_iduser Get batches assigned to this iduser
type Get batches from only a single type, only "singles" or "normal" allowed normal
status Get batches with this status, only "open" and "completed" allowed open
products Array of products for this picklist batch, from all the picklists combined open

Get single picklist batch

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/picklists/batches/{idpicklist_batch}
HTTP/1.1 200 OK { "idpicklist_batch": 3, "idwarehouse": 1, "picklist_batchid": 3, "type": "singles", "status": "open", "assigned_to": { "iduser": 2, "full_name": "Casper Bakker", "username": "casper" }, "completed_by": null, "total_products": 31, "total_picklists": 25, "completed_at": null, "created_at": "2020-03-18 12:21:25", "updated_at": "2020-03-18 12:21:25", "products": [ { "idproduct": 262, "name": "Opel HC-V100 Lounge Black", "productcode": "TF748199", "productcode_supplier": "OPE-TF748199", "stock_location": "A.4.8.3", "image": "https:\/\/example.org\/original.jpg", "barcodes": [ "9228161561252" ], "productfields": [], "amount": 2, "amount_picked": 0, "amount_collected": 0 }, { "idproduct": 236, "name": "Opel Record Needle Blue Wide-Format Black\/White", "productcode": "HQ725608", "productcode_supplier": "OPE-HQ725608", "stock_location": "A.5.1.2", "image": "https:\/\/example.org\/original.jpg", "barcodes": [ "2699996573289" ], "productfields": [], "amount": 1, "amount_picked": 0, "amount_collected": 0 } ] }

Get PDF of picklist batch

PDF of a picklist batch can be retrieved as a direct PDF document from the API.

You will get different documents based on the type, a normal batch has a different format then a singles batch.

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/picklists/batches/{idpicklist_batch}/pdf
HTTP/1.1 200 OK --PDF Blob--

You can also get the batch PDF with the picklists or packinglists of the linked picklists included. There you can add the querystring parameter "includePicklists" or "includePackinglists", like "https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/picklists/batches/{idpicklist_batch}/pdf?includePicklists".