Picklist Shipments

You can create shipment requests for a picklist through the API. This will request the label at the given shipping provider, like PostNL.


Name Type Description
idshipment integer Unique Picqer reference
idpicklist integer Picklist where this shipment is for
idorder integer Order where this shipment is for
idreturn integer Return where this shipment is for
idcompany_shippingprovider integer Shipping provider used to create this order
labelurl_pdf string Public accessible link to PDF label
labelurl_zpl string Public accessible link to ZPL label
provider string Name of the shipping provider
providername string User-defined name for this provider
public_providername string Name for the 'service' or provider that is known to the public
carrier_key string Identifier of the carrier used for this shipment, see carrier keys
trackingcode string Shipping provider provided reference number for this shipment
tracktraceurl string Public accessible where the customer van follow their package
weight integer Weight in grams as filled in during the shipment creation and communicated to the shipping provider. Can be null when the shipment is older than December 4th 2023.
cancelled boolean Is this shipment cancelled? Can be done within 5 minutes after creation.

Get shipments from picklist

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/picklists/{idpicklist}/shipments
HTTP/1.1 200 OK [ { "idshipment": 19, "idpicklist": 439, "idorder": 1218, "idreturn": null, "idshippingprovider": 2, "idcompany_shippingprovider": 2, "idcompany_shippingprovider_profile": 2, "provider": "PostNL", "providername": "PostNL", "public_providername": "PostNL", "profile_name": "Standaard", "carrier_key": "postnl", "labelurl": "https://example.com/label.pdf", "labelurl_pdf": "https://example.com/label.pdf", "labelurl_zpl": "https://example.com/label.zpl", "trackingcode": "3SDEVC931341234", "trackingurl": "https://example.com/tracktrace/", "tracktraceurl": "https://example.com/tracktrace/", "weight": 2000, "created_by_iduser": 1, "cancelled": false, "created": "2021-06-08 11:40:36", "updated": "2021-06-08 11:40:36" } ]

Get allowed shipping methods for picklist

This gives a list of shipping methods that are allowed for this picklist, including which one is the default selected method for this picklist.

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/picklists/{idpicklist}/shippingmethods
HTTP/1.1 200 OK [ { "idshippingprovider_profile": 1287, "name": "PostNL - EU Pack Special", "provider": "PostNL", "selected": false, "extra_fields": [] }, { "idshippingprovider_profile": 1365, "name": "PostNL - Nederland", "provider": "PostNL", "selected": true, "extra_fields": [] } ]

Create a shipment

When you create a shipment, we will send the request to the shipping provider. In most cases this is an external party. This means that processing the request can take up to 20 seconds. Once you receive a 201 CREATED response, the shipment has been created successfully and the response will contain the body of the picklist. To retrieve the details of the created shipment, you can send a GET request to retrieve the shipments from the picklist. If the shipment cannot be created, the response will contain the error from the shipping provider.

If all products are picked while you create a shipment, the picklist status will change to 'closed' automatically.

If you create a shipment with the shipping provider 'Manual', you can provide the track & trace code by using the code parameter within the extrafields key.

POST https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/picklists/{idpicklist}/shipments
{ "idshippingprofile": 1365, "weight": 1000, "extrafields": { "code": "3SDEVC417358420" } }
HTTP/1.1 201 Created { "idpicklist":76859, "picklistid":"20140095", "idcustomer":5621, "idorder":119087, "idwarehouse":18, "deliveryname":"Desmonds Formal Wear", "deliverycontact":"", "deliveryaddress":"Emmerikseweg 57", "deliveryaddress2":"", "deliveryzipcode":"7077 AP", "deliverycity":"Netterden", "deliveryregion": null, "deliverycountry":"NL", "emailaddress":"YassinevanLingen@mailinator.com", "telephone": null, "reference": "", "assigned_to_iduser": null, "invoiced":false, "status":"closed", "totalproducts":2, "totalpicked":0, "snoozed_until": null, "created":"2014-08-19 12:13:38", "updated":"2014-08-19 12:13:38", "products":[ { "idproduct":147, "idvatgroup":18, "productcode":"502.052.16", "name":"SUNDEROe", "remarks":"", "amount":1, "amount_picked":0, "price":69.95, "weight":10200, "stocklocation":"Plein C" }, { "idproduct":126654, "idvatgroup":18, "productcode":"1318512", "name":"4GB DDR3 PC10600\/1333Mhz REG ECC MEMORY (x4)", "remarks":null, "amount":1, "amount_picked":0, "price":0, "weight":0, "stocklocation":null } ] }
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