Warehouses are physical locations where stock is held and orders are picked.


Name Type Required Description
idwarehouse integer generated Unique Picqer reference
name string required Name of warehouse
accept_orders boolean required If the products of this warehouse can be ordered/picked/shipped or not
counts_for_general_stock boolean required If this stock counts for the consolidated stock for the products
priority integer required Priority of this warehouse. Lower priorities will get more orders.
active boolean required If this is an active warehouse

Get all warehouses

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/warehouses
HTTP/1.1 200 OK [ { "idwarehouse":321, "name":"Marconistraat", "accept_orders": true, "counts_for_general_stock": true, "priority": 2, "active":true }, { "idwarehouse":1034, "name":"Utrechtseweg", "accept_orders": true, "counts_for_general_stock": true, "priority": 1, "active":true } ]
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Get a warehouse

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/warehouses/{idwarehouse}
HTTP/1.1 200 OK { "idwarehouse":321, "name":"Marconistraat", "accept_orders": true, "counts_for_general_stock": true, "priority": 1, "active":true }

Get stock in a warehouse

This gives you all products that have stock or reservations in this warehouse. Ideal for quickly syncing stock for all products.

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/warehouses/{idwarehouse}/stock
HTTP/1.1 200 OK [ { "idproduct": 9, "productcode": "AV780126", "stock": { "idwarehouse": 1, "stock": 4, "reserved": 3, "reservedbackorders": 1, "reservedpicklists": 2, "reservedallocations": 0, "freestock": 1 } }, { "idproduct": 66, "productcode": "BE447479", "stock": { "idwarehouse": 1, "stock": 24, "reserved": 11, "reservedbackorders": 0, "reservedpicklists": 11, "reservedallocations": 0, "freestock": 13 } } ]
This endpoint uses pagination.
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