With orderfields a user can extend the data fields that a order can contain. New orderfields can only be created in the app, but the contents of orderfields can be updated via the API.


Name Type Description
idorderfield integer Unique Picqer reference
title string Title of orderfield
type text Type of field (eg. text or radio)
values array Possible values in case of radio or select type
required boolean Is this field required for each order
visible_picklist boolean Field shown on picklist
visible_portal boolean Field shown on portal

Get all orderfields

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/orderfields
HTTP/1.1 200 OK [ { "idorderfield":103, "title":"Afleveropties", "type":"text", "values":[], "required":true, "visible_picklist":true, "visible_portal":true } ]
This endpoint uses pagination.

Get a single orderfield

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/orderfields/{idorderfield}
HTTP/1.1 200 OK { "idorderfield":103, "title":"Afleveropties", "type":"text", "values":[], "required":true, "visible_picklist":true, "visible_portal":true }
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