Response and error codes

Picqer uses default HTTP Status Codes for the status of the responses. Successful requests will be answered with a 200 OK response. Successful POST requests will be answered with a 201 Created response.


All requests that result in an error, will be responded with 4xx and 500 codes.

Code Reason
400 Bad Request Data in JSON body is not correctly structured or required arguments are missing
401 Unauthorized Login credentials are incorrect or account has no access to this function
403 Forbidden No access to this object or no rights to this feature
404 Not Found Object could not be found
429 Too Many Requests Rate limit reached
500 Internal Server Error Picqer is mistaken

Picqer error codes

When Picqer returns an error, in most cases it will provide detailed information about the error in the body of the response. Such a response will look like this:

{ "error": true, "error_code": 8, "error_message": "Not implemented" }

Every error_code is unique and can be used to provide your own error messages to your clients. These are the possible error codes:

Code Description
1 Unknown application error
5 Missing parameters with POST or PUT
6 Company domain already exists
7 Resource ID found
8 API function not yet implemented
9 Invalid country code
10 Invalid address
12 Invalid customer to add to order
13 Order is missing products
14 Unknown vatgroup
15 No product given when picking a product
16 Not a valid picking amount
17 Product to pick not found
18 Amount to pick is too high
19 Domain not allowed, this is a reserved domain
20 Item not found
21 Item not found or does not have the right status
22 No valid JSON
23 Idproduct or amount missing from product in a order
24 Product you are trying to order, does not exists
25 Customer you are making an order for, does not exists
26 Cannot create shipment
27 Product not found on purchase order
28 Rate limit exceeded
29 Cannot create order because monthly limit is reached
30 Cannot change order. This order is being processed
31 Function not available for fulfilment
32 Order already closed
33 Object has the wrong status for this action
34 Cannot create invoice
35 Invalid date or datetime format
36 This user has no rights to this feature
37 Relation already exists on object
38 Object type is invalid for this action
39 Can't change property due to pre-conditions
40 Invalid credentials, could not log in
41 Product is not found in open purchase orders
42 Search query failed, please try again later
43 Stock cannot be negative
44 Invalid location for this action
45 IP of request is not allowed
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