This is what recently changed in the Picqer API.

Date Change
31 May 2018 You can now create guest orders via the API

You can now filter orders on status
7 May 2018 Added 'products.stock_changed' webhook to receive every real stock change, next to the existing 'products.free_stock_changed' webhook.

Added 'products.assembled_stock_changed' webhook to receive stock changes of virtual compositions / assemblies.
27 March 2018 We added Locations to the API.
12 March 2018 We now give you access to our webhook logging for easier debugging.

When you're logged into Picqer, go to Settings > Webhooks to see all the registered webhooks for this account. When you go to the webhook page, you see all recent deliveries Picqer tried to make, including request and response details.
28 November 2017
  • Added order products endpoints to add extra products to an order and change products.
  • Added picklist cancellation.
  • Orders can now be forced to be cancelled, regardless of status.
21 November 2017 Added extra filters to picklists.
Added 'region' field to all resources.
13 October 2017 Added Returns endpoints and extended webhooks for returns and order notes.
27 January 2017 Added ability to snooze picklists with the API.
Added preferred_delivery_date to orders endpoint.
20 December 2016 We changed the sequence in which an order is 'closed' / put into 'processing'. The webhook will now be send a slight moment later when the order is completely in the 'processing' mode, including picklists and backorders. Previously you got the webhook when Picqer was 'somewhere' in the status change.
28 October 2016 We added pickup_point_data to the orders endpoint.
9 September 2016 Breaking change: purchase order states will change:
  • 'new' will change to 'concept'
  • 'finalized' changed to 'purchased'
  • 'closed' changed to 'received'
States that are possible starting 9 September: concept, purchased, received, cancelled
31 August 2016 Backorders can now be deleted/cancelled.
17 August 2016 Changed purchase order states to: concept, purchased, received, cancelled.
New in the API is the possibility to mark a PO as purchased and cancel a PO.
1 August 2016 Added stock history endpoint
26 July 2016 Added new way to create and retrieve receipts of purchase orders
Added webhook purchase_orders.receipts.created
Added language parameter to customer object
3 May 2016 Breaking change: order states changed:
  • 'new' changed to 'concept'
  • 'closed' changed to 'processing'
  • 'cancelled' is a new possible state
  • 'completed' is a new possible state
States that are possible starting 3 May: concept, processing, cancelled, completed

Also changed the endpoint /orders/{idorder}/close to /orders/{idorder}/process, but the old endpoint will still be available.

Added 2 new webhooks: orders.status_changed and orders.completed
8 March 2016 Added public_status_page attribute to orders endpoint
5 February 2016 Added picklist PDF download options
30 December 2015 Added 'idwarehouse' filter to picklists list
Added 'idcustomer' filter to orders list
26 November 2015 Added PUT update method to order endpoint
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