This is what recently changed in the Picqer API.

Date Change
28-10-2016 We added pickup_point_data to the orders endpoint.
09-09-2016 Breaking change: purchase order states will change:
  • 'new' will change to 'concept'
  • 'finalized' changed to 'purchased'
  • 'closed' changed to 'received'
States that are possible starting 9 September: concept, purchased, received, cancelled
31-08-2016 Backorders can now be deleted/cancelled.
17-08-2016 Changed purchase order states to: concept, purchased, received, cancelled.
New in the API is the possibility to mark a PO as purchased and cancel a PO.
01-08-2016 Added stock history endpoint
26-07-2016 Added new way to create and retrieve receipts of purchase orders
Added webhook purchase_orders.receipts.created
Added language parameter to customer object
03-05-2016 Breaking change: order states changed:
  • 'new' changed to 'concept'
  • 'closed' changed to 'processing'
  • 'cancelled' is a new possible state
  • 'completed' is a new possible state
States that are possible starting 3 May: concept, processing, cancelled, completed

Also changed the endpoint /orders/{idorder}/close to /orders/{idorder}/process, but the old endpoint will still be available.

Added 2 new webhooks: orders.status_changed and orders.completed
08-03-2016 Added public_status_page attribute to orders endpoint
05-02-2016 Added picklist PDF download options
30-12-2015 Added 'idwarehouse' filter to picklists list
Added 'idcustomer' filter to orders list
26-11-2015 Added PUT update method to order endpoint