The stats endpoint gives the ability to get some basic stats about your company in Picqer. Useful to present on a status dashboard for example.

Get list of possible stats

This endpoint gives a list of all the current available stats. The endpoint for the stats itself is /api/v1/stats/{key-of-report}.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK { "open-picklists": { "description": "Number of open picklists" }, "open-orders": { "description": "Number of open orders" }, "backorders": { "description": "Number of current backorders" }, "new-orders-today": { "description": "Number of new orders created today" }, "new-orders-this-week": { "description": "Number of new orders created this week" }, "closed-picklists-today": { "description": "Number of picklists closed today" }, "closed-picklists-this-week": { "description": "Number of picklists closed this week" }, "new-customers-this-week": { "description": "Number of new customers this week" }, "total-orders": { "description": "Total number of orders" }, "total-products": { "description": "Number of products" }, "active-products": { "description": "Number of active products" }, "inactive-products": { "description": "Number of inactive products" } }

Get a single stat

Use the key of the report description as endpoint to get the stat.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK { "value":14 }