Custom Shipping Method

In Picqer we provide some default Shipping Providers. When you want to connect with an other shipping provider, you can create your own webservice and link it in Picqer. This way you can create your own 'Create shipment' button in Picqer.

Creating the custom shipping method

Go to Settings > Shipping providers. Create a new Shipping provider and choose the 'Jsonpush' option. Enter the Endpoint URL of your webservice. You can optionally choose to provide a username and password. Picqer will use those to authenticate with Auth Basic method.

When an user creates a shipment, we send a request to your endpoint with JSON data in the body. We provide the address data of the customer and the products in this order. Picqer expects a JSON response with a track and trace code and a PDF of the shipping label as a base64 encoded string.

15 seconds

When we send you the shipment request, you have 15 seconds to respond with the shipment details. Otherwise Picqer will show the request as failed and the user can send a new request.


{ "picklist": { "idpicklist":105503, "picklistid":"20140079", "idcustomer":5621, "idorder":108319, "idwarehouse":18, "deliveryname":"Dr. Adrian Weinaug", "deliverycontact":null, "deliveryaddress":"Hfchnerbergweg 7", "deliveryaddress2":"", "deliveryzipcode":"61440", "deliverycity":"Oberursel (Taunus)", "deliveryregion":null, "deliverycountry":"DE", "emailaddress":"", "telephone":"06-85756303", "invoiced":false, "status":"closed", "totalproducts":1, "totalpicked":1, "created":"2014-10-09 21:48:54", "updated":"2014-10-09 21:48:58", "products": [ { "idproduct":120486, "idvatgroup":18, "productcode":"S14.OVS.50.54", "name":"Canon EOS 1100D + 18-55mm II IS", "amount":1, "amount_picked":1, "price":10, "weight":0, "stocklocation":"" } ] }, "weight":0, "worth":10, "sender": { "name":"Picqer test", "contactname":"Picqer test", "address":"Picqer test", "zipcode":"Picqer test", "region":null, "city":"Picqer test", "country":"NL" }, "recipient":{ "name":"Dr. Adrian Weinaug", "contactname":null, "address":"Hfchnerbergweg 7", "address2":"", "zipcode":"61440", "city":"Oberursel (Taunus)", "region":null, "country":"DE" } }
HTTP/1.1 200 OK { "identifier": "3SAPPL80237480", "trackingurl": "", "carrier_key": "postnl", "label": { "file": "--BASE64--", "filename": "label.pdf", "filetype": "application/pdf" } }

Response attributes

Name Type Required Description
identifier string required Shipper's identifier of the shipment
trackingurl string optional URL of track and trace page
carrier_key string optional Key of the carrier, so Picqer can show the right logo. See available options below
label array required Label to print
label.file string required Base64 encoded PDF document
label.filename string required Name of the file
label.filetype string required Only accepted filetype at this moment is application/pdf

Carrier keys

The following carrier keys can be submitted via the JSON push method:

  • dhl_nl
  • dhlforyou
  • dpd_nl
  • postnl
  • postal
  • transmission
  • redjepakketje
  • ups
  • bpost
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