Custom shipping method

In Picqer we provide a lot of integrated shipping providers. When you want to connect with another shipping provider, you can create your own webservice and link it in Picqer.

First-party integrated shipping method

You can create a custom shipping method for yourself (or your customer), but with the same method you can also create a new integrated shipping method to all Picqer users. If you want to build such a first party integration, see external shipping provider integrations.

Creating the custom shipping method

Create a new Custom shipping provider. Enter the Shipment creation URL of your webservice that creates the shipment. You can provide a username and password or API key, which Picqer will use to authenticate with HTTP Auth Basic.

Creating custom shipping method

  • Configuration URL - This is optional, when provided you can return all possible options that can be configured per shipping profile.
  • Shipment creation URL - This is the URL that we use to create a shipment.
  • Username - This is optional, will be sent as the username part of the HTTP Basic Auth method.
  • Password or API key - Will be sent as the password part of the HTTP Basic Auth method.


When a user creates a shipment, we send a request to your endpoint with JSON data in the body. We provide the address data of the customer and the products of this order. Picqer expects a JSON response with a track and trace code and a PDF of the shipping label as a base64 encoded string.

API Documentation

After the configuration of the custom shipping provider, the technical details are the same as when creating an integrated external shipping provider. Therefor, here are the technical details.

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