Fulfilment customers

For Picqer users with the fulfilment features enabled, it's possible to manage fulfilment customers via the API, what this page is about.


Name Type Required Description
idfulfilment_customer integer generated Unique Picqer reference
name string required Name of fulfilment customer
can_login boolean optional Can this fulfilment customer login to the fulfilment portal
username string optional The username to login to the fulfilment portal
password string optional and write-only The password to login to the fulfilment portal
language string optional 'nl' or 'en' for language of fulfilment portal
idtemplate integer optional Default selected template for new orders from this fulfilment customer
last_login_at datetime read-only Last time this fulfilment customer logged in to the fulfilment portal
allowed_shipping_profiles array optional List of idshippingprovider_profile's that this fulfilment customer is allowed to use. If empty, all profiles are allowed to be used
preferred_idwarehouse integer optional Id of the warehouse that is preferred for this fulfilment customer. If empty, the default warehouse is used

Get fulfilment customers

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/fulfilment/customers
HTTP/1.1 200 OK [ { "idfulfilment_customer": 1, "name": "FulfilmentPartij BV", "can_login": true, "username": "fulfilment", "language": "nl", "idtemplate": null, "last_login_at": "2019-04-03 21:14:18" "preferred_idwarehouse": 1, }, { "idfulfilment_customer": 3, "name": "Fulfilling Partners", "can_login": true, "username": "partners", "language": "en", "idtemplate": null, "last_login_at": "2019-03-13 16:24:28" "preferred_idwarehouse": 1, } ]
This endpoint uses pagination.

Get single fulfilment customer

GET https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/fulfilment/customers/{id}
HTTP/1.1 200 OK { "idfulfilment_customer": 1, "name": "FulfilmentPartij BV", "can_login": true, "username": "fulfilment", "language": "nl", "idtemplate": null, "last_login_at": "2019-04-03 21:14:18", "allowed_shipping_profiles": [22, 98], "preferred_idwarehouse": 1 }

Create new fulfilment customer

POST https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/fulfilment/customers
{ "name": "Fulfilling Partners", "can_login": true, "username": "partners", "password": "ue73hjdf893", "language": "nl", "allowed_shipping_profiles": [], "preferred_idwarehouse": 1 }
HTTP/1.1 200 OK { "idfulfilment_customer": 4, "name": "Fulfilling Partners", "can_login": true, "username": "partners", "language": "nl", "idtemplate": null, "last_login_at": null, "allowed_shipping_profiles": [], "preferred_idwarehouse": 1 }

Update fulfilment customer

PUT https://example.picqer.com/api/v1/fulfilment/customers/{id}
{ "name": "Fulfilling Partners BV" }
HTTP/1.1 200 OK { "idfulfilment_customer": 4, "name": "Fulfilling Partners BV", "can_login": true, "username": "partners", "language": "nl", "idtemplate": null, "last_login_at": null, "allowed_shipping_profiles": [], "preferred_idwarehouse": 1 }