Pickup point data examples

Special shipping options, such as pick-up points, can be provided and adjusted via the API. Certain combinations of webshops and shipping providers are already supported by default. See verzendopties per webshop (Dutch) for the supported shipping providers per webshop.

Provide pick-up point data

When you create a shipment in Picqer, we will send the information in pickup_point_data to the shipping provider. The pickup_point_data in Picqer will be filled automatically if the order is imported from a supported webshop and if the pick-up point information is in the correct order attribute in the webshop.

We provide this information in a generic way in our API, so you can provide or adjust the information in pickup_point_data yourself via the API as well.

Every shipping provider needs different information. Below you will find some examples.


These are the default attributes in pickup_point_data:

{ "pickup_point_data": { "carrier": "dhl", "id": "901892834", "name": "Albert Heijn Presikhaaf", "street": "Dorpsstraat", "house_number": "32", "zipcode": "2938 DM", "city": "Arnhem", "country": "NL", "options": { "parcel_machine": true, "pickup_moment": "Avond" } } }

Most shipping providers work either with an 'id' of the pickup location, or with a full address. Extra options can be given in the 'options' array.

B2C Europe

B2C Europe is pretty easy. You just provide the CYP ID as the pickup point ID.

{ "pickup_point_data": { "carrier": "b2ceurope", "id": "901892834" } }

PostNL PakjeGemak

With PakjeGemak we always need the full address of the point point location.

In the 'options' you need to set 'pakjegemak' to true and if the phone number in the order is not a mobile phone, you need to provide a mobile phone number in the options array.

{ "pickup_point_data": { "carrier":"postnl", "name":"Gamma", "street":"Locht", "house_number":"44", "zipcode":"6466GW", "city":"Kerkrade", "country":"NL", "options": { "pakjegemak":true, "mailbox":false, "parcel_machine":false, "pickup_moment":null, "delivery_date":null, "mobile_phone_number":"0612345678" }, } }

PostNL PakjeGemak Belgium

If the pickup location is located in Belgium, the pickup location data needs to have the `location_code`.

{ "pickup_point_data": { "carrier":"postnl", "name":"Gamma", "street":"Waterlaan", "house_number":"17", "zipcode":"3256", "city":"Antwerpen", "country":"BE", "location_code":"215647", "options": { "pakjegemak":true, "mailbox":false, "parcel_machine":false, "pickup_moment":null, "delivery_date":null, "mobile_phone_number":"0612345678" }, } }

PostNL PakjeGemak Parcel Machine

If the pickup location is a Parcel Machine, you need to set `pakjegemak` to false, and `parcel_machine` to true.

{ "pickup_point_data": { "carrier":"postnl", "name":"Gamma", "street":"Locht", "house_number":"44", "zipcode":"6466GW", "city":"Kerkrade", "country":"NL", "options": { "pakjegemak":false, "mailbox":false, "parcel_machine":true, "pickup_moment":null, "delivery_date":null, "mobile_phone_number":"0612345678" }, } }

PostNL Specific date in the future

If all options are false, but a delivery_date in the future is given, the shipment will be created with that delivery date. This will show the right expected delivery date on the track and trace page.

{ "pickup_point_data": { "carrier":"postnl", "options": { "mailbox":false, "pakjegemak":false, "parcel_machine":false, "pickup_moment":"Overdag", "delivery_date":"2017-10-10 08:03:37", "mobile_phone_number":null } } }

PostNL Evening delivery

Define 'pickup_moment' as 'Avond' to create a Evening shipment. This is only allowed on specific dates on specific addresses as defined by PostNL.

{ "pickup_point_data": { "carrier":"postnl", "options": { "mailbox":false, "pakjegemak":false, "parcel_machine":false, "pickup_moment":"Avond", "delivery_date":"2017-10-10 08:03:37" } } }


{ "pickup_point_data": { "carrier": "SendCloud", "id": 10408214, "name": "Primera Soeters Hoge Vucht", "address": "Moerwijk 8", "zipcode": "4826HN", "city": "Breda", "country": "NL" } }

DHL afhaallocatie

{ "pickup_point_data": { "carrier": "dhlparcel", "id": 8004-NL-777204, "options": null } }